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Curation: ‘Feeling for Murmuration’ APT Gallery London, group show of 7 artists (Helen Barff, Sandra Beccarelli, Sheila Vollmer, Alexandra Hartley, Jennifer Talbot, Anna Jung Seo, Catherine Cleary), 10-20 December 2020

Catalogue Essay: ‘Landscapein Time and Time in Landscape’, Elizabeth Hannaford, 2020

Interview: ‘Grace Woodcock: Gut-Brain’, This is Tomorrow magazine, 28 October, 2020

Catalogue Essay: ‘Intimate Conversations in Paint’, Rachael Read, 2020

Profile: ‘Jillian Knipe in Conversation with Moyra Derby’ Instantloveland, 28 June 2020

Review: ‘Light Cages: Dillwyn Smith at V.O. Curations’, Wall Street International, 5 November 2019

Review: ‘The Duration: Erika Winstone at Beaconsfield Gallery’ Wall Street International, 28 November 2019

Profile: ‘Jillian Knipe in Conversation with Daniel Sturgis’, Instantloveland, 26 October 2019

Review: ‘Contrariety: Farley Aguilar at Edel Assanti’, Wall Street International, 18 October 2019

Review: ‘Re-Assemble: Collyer Bristow Gallery’ Wall Street International, 11 May 2019

Interview: ‘Punch: Olivia Bax and Dominic Beattie at Linden Hall Studio’, Wall Street International, 25 April 2019

Review: ‘La La Land: Simon Linington at William Benington Gallery’, Wall Street International’, 5 April 2019

Interview: ‘Alice Browne in Conversation with Jillian Knipe’, This is Tomorrow, 19 February 2019

Interview: ‘Andrea V Wright and Flatland’, Instantloveland, 14 November 2018

Interview: ‘Roost and The Third Policeman: Olivia Bax at Lily Brooke Gallery’, Wall Street International, 9 October 2018

Interview: ‘Curatorial Innovation in Turbulent Times: A Discussion with ALICE BLACK Gallery on their First Birthday’, Wall Street International 5 July 2018

Review: ‘Jillian Knipe on Beyond the Surface’ Instantloveland, 9 June 2018

Review: ‘Women Can’t Paint: Turps and ASC Galleries’, Wall Street International, 5 May 2018

Profile: ‘Royal College, Snowboarding and Psychoanalysis: Kate Palmer’s influences and journeys into the unknowable’, Wall Street International, 5 April 2018

Review: ‘Beatriz Olabarrieta: The Only Way Out is In’ 19 December 2017

Review: ‘Jurgen Partenheimer: Lichtschwarm’, This is Tomorrow, 9 June 2017

Interview: ‘Marion Coutts: Aiming or Hitting’ This is Tomorrow, 5 April 2017

Review: ‘Jessie Makinson: Fake French’, This is Tomorrow, 28 June 2016